Monday, July 10, 2017

weekend catch-up

Thursday 7/06/17

- work
- Nathan & Kayla came home for the weekend
- hot crab dip & lemon lush
- late birthday celebration for Nathan
- set a date for the baby shower (8/19/17)
- got this CUTE CUTE video ...."Nana" <3

Friday 7/07/17
- took the day off and went to Marion for a few hours
[we couldn't stand it any longer! we had to see Kamry!! 
and of course, Logan & Lindsey too!]

She is getting sooooo BIG!!! 

highlights of my day: 

*kisses [when I say "give nana love"] from Kamry <3 <3
*while feeding her breakfast, I said "oh goodness Kamry, we forgot to say grace"...
up went her little hands clasped under her chin! <3 <3
*she thought it was hilarious when we sang "this little light of mine" and when we got to the part "nobody's gonna (make the sound of blowing it out) it out" ...she would wait for that part and spit as hard as she could and giggle so loud! :O) <3 :O) <3

Saturday 7/08/17

- work
- cooked turkey breast w/the trimmings (on the hottest day of the summer)
- stormy looking but a beautiful night for a golf cart ride

- Tangier by Moonlight

Sunday 7/09/17

- Chesapeake House breakfast for N & K
- work
- N & K went back (only 3 weeks left of classes and clinicals for Kayla)
- we tried a new grill recipe and ate dinner on the patio
- boat ride

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