Monday, July 17, 2017

{seems like old times}

Baseball has always been a huge deal on TI. As a kid, I remember evenings on the school ground, eating a snowball and hanging out, probably not watching much of the game, but loving that the whole community got together several evenings a week to play ball and have FUN! 

When Peter and I got married, he joined one of the teams, The Lemons....(now that just sounds like a losing team doesn't it?) and most of the time they did lose, but one year, they actually did win a championship against the Pibbs. The whole team along with their wives took an overnight trip to O.C. (a trip we still laugh about 30-some years later.) 

Over the years, baseball fizzled out, and when the new school was built on the site of our beloved ball field, baseball as we knew it was no more! Neither of my boys had the opportunity to play on a team. We all tried to get a ball field, but for some reason or another, it just never came. I still have a letter I wrote and read at one of the school board meetings when Logan was still in high school and Nathan was in elementary. We would come away from those meetings with hope that this time, the promises that were made would actually come true, but we would see yet another year come and go, and be let down once again. Logan did get in on playing a few games at SI during the summer months, but Nathan only played pick up games during his school years. So disappointing!

Finally, after much begging and asking and calling and letter writing, we have a BALL FIELD!!!!
:O) :O) :O) :O) :O)

The first game between the TVFD and the TOWN was scheduled for Saturday. Nathan was beyond excited!!! Unfortunately, the much needed rain decided to drench the field on Friday night, and the game was moved to Monday, Nathan would miss it! He was so sad! He had waited soooo long and while he has played several pick up games on the new field, he really wanted to be a part of the first official game.

The turn out was awesome, the food delicious (or so I heard), the weather was perfect, and everyone seemed so excited to finally have baseball back!!! :O)

TVFD won the first game, the TOWN won the second. 
I am looking forward to many, many more fun evenings down at the ball field!

Seems like old times!!!

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