Sunday, September 18, 2016

those little moments....

Nathan took a few days off from work which means Logan and Nathan get to see each other!! :O) :O) Logan wanted to get the whole family together so he suggested a cook-out at their house this weekend. Sounds perfect to me!! <3
It took a bit of finagling but we all ended meeting up there yesterday. The men did burgers, hot dogs, brats and baked beans on the grill, and I did jalapeƱo poppers (and lots of them), and corn on the cob. Everything was yummy!!! We hung out a bit before Nathan and Kayla had to drive back home.

{{{Okay! So, I could seriously squish her in this little robe that Nana bought her!!!}}} 

I got up early for some morning Kamry time. <3 <3 <3

{{{This is one of my favorite pictures of Kamry!! That sweet face!!!}}}

Lazy Sunday - watching football and snacking. Lindsey made taco dip and we finished off the rest of the poppers. Again time was short, but worth every minute just to be together!! 

A great weekend with the family!! Thats what it's all about!! 
Those little moments that mean the whole world!! xoxoxo

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