Friday, September 2, 2016

photo dump friday: 8/28 - 9/01

Ice Cream Date w/ Mommy & Daddy


then some snuggle-time....
(Kamry has all the signs of teething..what?!
...drooling, low-grade fever, cranky, clingy....)

Daddy & his girls....


nope, she sure isn't skipping many meals....
;O) ;O) ;O)

[side note: Nathan had the fattest cheeks as a baby. There was this one picture of him that I put on a Christmas ornament and when he got old enough to notice it he asked "Mom, was I eating a sandwich?" LOLOL Well, needless to say, that saying stuck between Logan and Nathan. When Logan posted this pic to our group chat, Nathan said "Look, Bub, you are holding little me.... those sandwich comments are karma I believe!!"] :O)

Kamry's 1st trip to [the dreaded germ-infested] Wal-Mart 
[:O) :O) :O):O) :O) :O)]

that smile.....

I know I'm pretty Mom, but....I'm over it! :O)

her little sleepy sounds....<3

....staying in your jams all morning when Daddy has a late crew change :O)


getting harder and harder to leave.....:O(


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