Wednesday, August 3, 2016

oh no not the D word!!!!

Oh yes! I finally brought it to bare and started a DIET! ugh......wasn't it this time last year when I got so disgusted with gaining weight and eating wayyyyy too much of the wrong types of food? And then there is my soda obsession!! After doing the Military Diet last year, I realized some things about food that I hadn't let myself think about...what it was doing to my body, like the amount of chemicals I consumed from the liters of Diet Coke I drank. I did actually kick my Diet Coke habit for several months, but little by little my soda cravings came back. This time, my drink of choice was Pepsi (full calorie not diet). I love soda! Well, actually, I love cola. I won't touch a 7-up or orange or Dr. Pepper, like them, but rarely ever drink them, I love cola!!! And, while I used to love Diet Coke, I choose regular Pepsi over regular Coke (and Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi...there is a difference..I know, I am very weird)! So, once I picked back up on the soda habit, I chose sugar filled Pepsi. It's ridiculous when I look at the 12 oz. glass of Pepsi contains 150 calories, 30 mg sodium, 41g of carbs=41 g SUGARS. wonder I'm fat! I prefer 2-liters over cans because I love filling up my Tervis with ice, Pepsi, with a straw and sipping on it all day while I work. But one glass isn't enough, as soon as it's empty, I fill it up again! And then, while I don't really do a lot of night eating, I absolutely love a glass of Pepsi for my snack at night. Doesn't take long to do the math and find out the majority of my calorie intake comes from soda!!!

I hardly eat any breakfast, but if I do, it's a piece of toast (or 2) with butter....I love butter (Paula Deen and I could be besties!) :O) My other breakfast choice these days, a glass of milk (2%)  with an instant breakfast mixed in. That's about 375 calories....sugars 30g!!! So, are we seeing my problem! Lunch is usually a sandwich of some type, 2 slices bread, turkey (lately just a fresh sliced tomato - my fave) and mayo! A few chips on the side and soda....not good!!

Then, my next big pitfall - dinner. I love to eat, but I love to cook just as much! So, there is pretty much always a good meal on the table at dinner time. But while it may be tasty, it's not always healthy. I also am not good at keeping my portion sizes or amount of servings to a minimum. I love doing the Blue Apron and Hello Fresh meals, because, (a) the meals are fairly healthy, and (b) the serving sizes are sensible and I only eat the one plate of food.

In my favor, I don't care that much for sweets. I bought a Carmello candy bar on Saturday, there was half a bar left last night (which of course, I had to eat since I was starting a diet this morning!!). But seriously, sweets are not my problem.

So, I'm taking a break for 3 days from the soda, the calories, the sugar, and the fat filled foods and I'm doing the Military Diet again. Last year, I lost 5 lbs. in 3 days, I kicked my soda addiction, and I felt much, much better......and that is my goal again this time!

And today's the day.....I started with breakfast this morning.....

Day 1 - Breakfast

I cup black *coffee - I added 1 packet of stevia + a splash of French vanilla creamer
* (with caffeine) which is important especially for me since I otherwise would have major withdrawal without my soda!!

1/2 grapefruit - with a packet of stevia

1 slice toast - any type bread

2,T. Peanut Butter

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