Wednesday, August 17, 2016

and just like that, they are gone.....

The time had come......Nathan was moving out! I knew it wouldn't be long before he was ready to move into his own place, and in a whirlwind of a few days, he was gone! :O(

Kayla is going back to school and instead of commuting, they decided to get a place for the next year, until she completes the nursing program. They started scouting around online, and luckily, stumbled upon this cute little one bedroom place. It's a duplex and the landlords live in the other part of it. Family and friends know them, and they also got great vibes when they met them, so overall, as a Mom, I have a pretty good feeling about where they are moving. They moved all their stuff on Monday (8/08/16), then came home until Sunday (8/14/16), because their electric hadn't been switched over, or their wi-fi, phone, or satelite wasn't hooked up yet either. This didn't hurt my feelings because you know, every minute with our kids is priceless!! Also, Peter got home from work and got to spend the last few days of Nathan's being home with him! 

side note: Nathan has always kept his room very neat and organized, his packing up was no different. :O) Logan left us with half a shed full of stuff (still there) and 10 large containers in the attic, that I finally got rid of last year. Nathan left 2 little boxes of sports stuff and keepsakes. They are so different in that way! ;o)

Saddest part of the packing up....Jay Culter coming down off the wall!! :O(

....note the chalkboard! :O) 
(I gave it to Kayla for her birthday)...and she already hung it and wrote her first quote on it :O)

....even Weasley likes it there!! :O)

They have friends and family who live nearby, they are just a short drive away from Logan and Lindsey, and a quick boat ride home. I miss him soooo much, but knew the time was coming. After Logan moved, Peter and I literally grieved for days. Little by little it got better and we got used to him not living here anymore. I had the same feeling the day Nathan loaded up the boat and left with all of his belongings. I waved goodbye and went straight to work. As soon as I got home, i went to bed for 2 hours. Peter was away at work, so I was here all alone. :O( 

I pulled out this bathbomb that I had been saving for a day just like today and took a looonnngggg hot bubble bath!! 

We are taking it a day at a time. If he's okay, we're okay! He went back to work, so it feels like normal now. The real test will be when he comes home....and it won't be here! :O(

I am excited about seeing the apartment, it looks so cute from the pictures. 
(another big difference in the boys, Logan wanted us to help him move in his first apartment (and we also helped them move into their first home)...Nathan wanted to do this alone, just the two of them (and some help from a few of their friends with trucks). :O(
We will stop by there when Peter gets back from work next month. 

Official Empty Nesters! :O(

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