Friday, August 26, 2016

[august book club: the girl on the train]

Book Club — The Girl On The Train — Please join in the discussion for our no obligation, no pressure book club. This month we are discussing "The Girl On The Train" by Paula Hawkins. Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy. I welcome you to click thru to read and comment on the discussion page.:

week #1 - pages 1-100

Wanda and I started a book club!! 

She had just bought The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, so we are starting with that book for our August selection. I had read it already, but am much more excited reading it this time! I am anxious to get another person's take on this twisted story - if it actually real and is just part of Rachel's make believe world?? 

 We are breaking up the book: read 100 pages then discuss. Today was our first discussion, so after our walk, we stopped at Four Brothers for a treat {Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee} and chatted a bit about the book so far.

We both agreed that this book is a bit (well, a lot) dark. We both have no favorite characters so far, although Wanda seems to like Rachel's character more since finding out that Emily Blunt will be playing her in the movie. 

The Girl on the Train UK poster

The movie is scheduled to be released in October, so we are planning to see it to compare. 

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