Wednesday, August 31, 2016

{guest room inspiration}

It started with this pillow.....(color not truly captured...think darker...think indigo!)

I found it on sale at Marshall's last spring and decided it would be the inspiration for our "future" guest room.
Well, that came a bit sooner than I had hoped, and Nathan's once wall-to-wall-sports-filled room is now empty! :O(

This room actually started as Logan's room when we moved in back in '91. Logan was only 2-1/2 but requested "airplane walls". I copied an idea from a magazine and made a stencil tracing a cute airplane picture from a coloring book. I painted big, red airplanes flying across one wall. Later they were painted over, and the walls became covered with posters of his favorite bands. He loved black and grey, hence the tiles and wall color. When Logan moved out in '11, Nathan moved in the very next morning. He wouldn't let me paint, but did completely change the look of the room because it was now wall-to-wall Chicago Bears, Baltimore Orioles, Calgary Flames, pretty much anything sports related. The saddest part of him packing up, was peeling that life-size Jay Cutler fat head off the wall!!! :O(

So empty canvas.....time to get busy decorating! I had a few color palets in mind, but decided on navy (indigo) + white + dark weathered wood. {{LOVE!!}}

The pillow was a start, but I needed an inspiration photo. I wanted something with a hint of coastal, farmhouse, & bohemian all rolled into one....I think I found it!!!


I LOVE this room!!! 

Right now, not much going on. We have a carpenter coming in October when I finish up with work. He is going to put a wood floor in and new plank ceiling tiles. In the meantime, I'll start shopping!! :O) :O)

More guest room updates coming soon....

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