Monday, July 25, 2016

weekend catch-up....

7/23/16 - Saturday

We headed back to Marion to spend the weekend! Logan and Lindsey were going to a wedding, so we were officially on babysitting duty! :O) :O) We decided to repeat the ride up in our boat, but this time, we took a new route. It was a tad choppy, so we headed toward the Club House and went through Broad Creek. Check another place off my "I've never been here before" list!

They left around 3:00 for the wedding which was about 2 hours away. We were glad they were able to spend some time just catching up with friends and enjoying a night out together. We were more than happy to watch miss Kamry! ;o)

I sent Lindsey pics while they were gone, and I think she made out better than she thought being gone from her. They got home around 2 a.m. and I turned in, since I planned to do morning duty so they could sleep.

7/24/16 - Sunday

Pop-Pop is a bit obsessed too!!!

Peter fixed boiled fish (he caught a few trout fishing this week), biscuits and cheese melted in their coffee. This has always been one of Logan's favorites. It was a tradition with Peter and his Dad too. :O) Of course, the time has changed on when it is eaten.....Peter grew up eating it at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning....Peter finally got Logan up to eat at almost 1 p.m. :O) I don't blame them though to take advantage of sleep when they can get it!! :O)

We decided we needed to get going around 3:00 to avoid running into any stormy weather. We said our goodbyes sadly, since it would be a few weeks before we would get back again :O( but we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend with Logan and Lindsey and our time with Kamry!!

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