Sunday, April 3, 2016

weekend catch-up....

{all about me}
- I just love my belated birthday gift from my BFF ~Wanda!
 - I only reached 10,000 steps one day this week, so I definitely need to try harder! Wanda and I have been walking, but we have a hard time making our schedules work. If I don't have a partner, I usually don't walk. I'm going to have to be extra motivated this week to fit Spring cleaning, a walk, and church (revival week) into my day! Wanda walks at 0-dark thirty every morning, but did I ever tell you how I am so not a morning person?

so....this is where Nathan works!
He had a nasty, windy night last night!
I'm always glad to hear he's safe (and tucked in his bunk!).
His barge is very busy! He works hard and takes his job very serious.
We are very proud of him! :O)

source: Facebook
Nathan and Kayla are talking about a Fall 2017 wedding, but since getting engaged, they are starting to make plans for their future and things are moving pretty quickly....including getting a kitty! Oh my!

As a Mom, I wish things would slow down just a bit.
I guess I need more time to adjust to all the changes than they do.
I think it goes even harder when it's your last child.
{Logan & Lindsey}
I posted HERE about my visit with Lindsey & Logan. I had a great time and we got so much accomplished. The nursery is now ready to be decorated! Lindsey has a doctor's appointment and her sugar test tomorrow, so they plan to stop by Babies R Us to get the crib ordered while up there.
I have started to make plans for the baby shower {5/14}. Logan will be at work (starting his new position as captain) and can't come this time. We are very proud of him!! I wish I could have found a date that would work for them both to come, but everyone's calendars were full and there were only a few dates to choose from. I made him promise to come for a visit this summer...and bring the baby!! :O)
I cooked my first real meal since Peter has been gone. It was DELISH!
I'm really looking forward to my Blue Apron shipment on Tuesday and hoping it will motivate me to get back into cooking! I have relied on pizza, a baked potato, or eating out for dinner the past two weeks. Mom has invited me up a few times and Lindsey cooked while I was at her house, so I've really gotten used to not cooking.
 - on my DVR: LOTS of Big Bang Theory.
- on Netflix: I started Season 6 of Downton Abbey!
- Amazing Race: as of this week....
my faves are: Dana & Matt, Burnie & Ashley, and Zach & Rachel.
just ok: Brodie & Kurt, and Tyler & Korey.
must go: Scott & Blair.....and the team I absolutely don't love....Sheri & Cole!!!
I thought for sure they were gone this week!

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