Monday, April 4, 2016

Our Disney Vacation 2016 - Day 6 (France)

Epcot World  Showcase

I am absolutely, positively in LOVE with FRANCE! It's the one country I would love to visit for real someday, but for a few minutes, Disney makes me feel like I am actually there. It is gorgeous and I love everything about this part of World Showcase. We LOVE LOVE the food here!!

We had a delicious dinner at Les Chefs de France a few years ago, with two funny things happening. (1) The entire staff in any country is authentic, so of course, we have a French waiter. Peter and I had a little trouble unnderstanding him, so we he asked us a question, we just kind of shook our heads yes. We ended up getting three baskets of bread throughout our meal. He had been asking if we needed more bread (which we really didn't but were so intimidated, had just said yes). I guess he thought he would never fill us up! (2) I had read before dining at Chefs, that Remy, the rat from Ratatouille, might make an appearance at your table while you are eating. I hadn't told Peter. Peter's back was turned when the waiter appeared with a huge domed platter. He pulled the lid off and I said "There's the RAT"!!! If only I could have captured Peter's face on camera! Of course, I was all excited (I know...I know), and Peter was just glad it wasn't real! LOL

I can't find my pictures right now, but HERE is a picture and a review of Chefs....

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