Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Stealing!

Is your birth year an odd or even number? 1965 - ODD

Which one of your friends is the most outgoing? I am going to say, our son, Logan. I guess he isn't considered one of my "friends", but he is the person that popped in my mind first. I comment often that he's one of those people who wishes he could be in 10 places at one time! He loves trying new things and meeting new people!! :O)

Have you eaten any of your favorite foods today? Yes, steak!

When did you last find yourself in an awkward situation? When I told a friend something about her son and she didn't know about it. Awkward! It really wasn't a secret, because it was on Instagram, but I didn't like that I was the one who told her.

When was the last time you ignored, or went against, someone’s advice? I don't remember.

How many different towns/cities have you lived in? Three: Williamsburg, VA, Chincoteague, VA, and the town in VA I live in now.

When was the last time you had Nutella? About a year ago. I love it, but I'm not the biggest chocolate eater.

Who is your favorite character in“The Big Bang Theory”? I just started watching this and cannot believe I've been missing out so long!!! My favorite is Sheldon! Awesome show!!!

What are your parents’ middle names? Ann & Clark.

Name someone with a sexy sounding voice. My husband, of course! ;O)

Are your eyes the same color as your sibling’s? Nope, mine are green and my sisters are blue.

How many pets do you have? Would you like any more? Our house cat, Jaxson (and a goose & chicken outside). No, I don't want more pets. 

Is there a song you can’t stop listening to atm? no particular song, but I listen to my playlist...over and over.

Is there a song that you’re fed up of hearing? not really...

Did you have a strange or interesting dream last night? I can't remember.

Name 3 things that are in your refrigerator atm. feta cheese, a fresh fruit cup, and mushrooms

Which friend do you confide in most? Wanda

What was your most recent reason for smiling? Spending a few days with my son & DIL.

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