Monday, August 31, 2015

Homecoming 2015

Homecoming 2015 

- Peter started his new job so he missed Homecoming this year. :O( It was definitely a different year. I skipped the first night, stayed a couple of hours the second night, and worked in the kitchen (funnel cakes) the last night. I went home to get a shower and came back, but only stayed until after the raffle.

source: facebook

 - Nathan helped again this year with setting up and worked all three nights. He had a great time catching up with friends....

and he danced......
source: facebook

and danced......
source: facebook

 and danced.....
source: facebook

- this year's popular dance.....[Whip /Nae Nae] 

- I had no company this year since Logan was at work and since they had just visited a few weeks ago, Lindsey skipped this year. I also didn't cook (a rare thing during Homecoming weekend) but Nathan wanted to just eat out....that's fine with me. I had a soft crab sandwich for dinner both nights. Julie skipped Homecoming again this year.

- the weather was great! Very pleasant temps, gorgeous sunsets!

- I had a really busy weekend at the b&b. $$

- I went to breakfast at the Chesapeake House with Mom, Dad, and Derek on Sunday morning. :O)

Not my most memorable Homecoming, but I think everyone had a great time. :O)

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