Thursday, August 6, 2015

thoughtful thursday {Y}

Something I like: Yankee Candles

Yankee Candle Fireside Treats Large Jar (New for 2013) by Yankee Candle
Something I don't: yelling

raise your voice, not your words

Place I've been: (New) York

Somewhere I want to go: Yosemite National Park

Not just a great Valley...but a shrine to human foresight, strength of granite, power of glaciers, the persistence of life, and the tranquility of the High Sierra.
Food I love: Yogurt

My current favorite snack, so good!! chobani flip almond coco loco.  #GotACoupon #breakyoumake

Movie I've seen: You, Me, & Dupree

Another one that I watch every couple of months for the funny!
 ......and this winds up this Thoughtful Thursday ABC Challenge!

[I'll be starting a new ABC Disney Challenge next week]

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