Thursday, October 16, 2014

weekend in charlotte, nc (day 3)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The morning of the game and Nathan is awake, showered, dressed, and packed up by 8 a.m.!!
Whether the Bears win or lose (hopefully win), the hours before the game actually kicks off is Nathan's favorite part! The rest of us got up and got ready, then we headed downstairs for breakfast. Nathan wanted to head to the stadium by 10:30, but Peter and I lagged behind a little and enjoyed breakfast. The walk over to the stadium is so exciting....everyone is in full football mode!! The tailgating parties look like so much fun...maybe we'll try that someday.

It was a gorgeous day for a football game! 
We went down near the field with Nathan and Kayla. Nathan had bought 2nd row tickets, right behind the Bears bench! :0)

He had already gotten Kyle Long's autograph before we got there. He also got autographs from Tim Jennings and GM Phil Emery (who Peter gave some unsolicited advice to....LOL)

 We watched all of the players warm up......

Our favorite....Cutler!

 Charles Tilman who is injured, but on the sidelines for every game.
Then they suited up.....

Before finding our seats, Peter and I picked up a little snack.

We bought cheaper seats in section 522, row 11, seats 19 & 20 (end of row). Great seats!! To me, in the Bank of America Stadium, there are really no bad seats. Love that stadium!

Even though we weren't as close as Nathan and Kayla!

It was about to start.....the players came onto the field!!!
The National Anthem was performed by Kat Perkins from last season's The Voice.

next.......KICK OFF TIME!!!!

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