Wednesday, October 8, 2014

weekend in charlotte, nc (day 2)

Day 2 - Saturday, October 04, 2014

We decided to skip the hotel breakfast and head on over to IHop instead.

*Side Note: We had to park in the lot next door to IHop, and as we were pulling in I noticed a homeless man laying on the curb in between the two restaurants. By the time we were entering IHop, the guy was standing at the front door and was eating something someone had given him. He asked us for money but we just walked by. When we got inside, I told the others that I had seen him laying on a blanket outside with only a small bag next to him. Peter and Nathan both pulled out their wallets at the same time, and Nathan went outside and handed him some money. We were seated and were all very quiet for a few minutes. We had talked during the drive down about not knowing if people are really in need or if it is a scam. I really felt that this man needed food and owned only what he carried with him. I usually just pass by without giving them anything, but I felt different this time. When we came out, he was back on his blanket. Nathan took him two bottles of water before we left.
During our stay in Charlotte, we were approached several times by men on the street claiming to be hungry, out of work, had no minutes on their cell phones, lost their family, trying to see their kids, needed an operation, on and on. This was all as we walked to/from the restaurant that night and walking to the stadium the next day. Nathan even had a man approach him in the hotel lobby bathroom before we left, asking for money. Peter and I only gave money one time as we walked back from dinner that night. We soon realized that most of these were not legit. Nathan and Kayla ran into the same thing, and only handed out money once too.
This is something that can upset me. I don't know if the guy at IHop was really in need, but I felt like he was and wanted to help him. I got a different feeling when the others approached us though. You really never know. It also reminds me how I take things for granted, like not being hungry, and having money to not only pay my bills, but to be able to enjoy a vacation with my family. There are many times that I shut things out of my life that are not pleasant or that I don't want to be bothered with, and while I may not be able to hand out money or buy food for everyone I pass on the street, I can pray for them and help those around me that I know are in need. I did read where one woman kept bottled water and packaged snacks in her car, and would offer it to anyone who asked for money or food. I think I will start doing this too.

Back to our trip .....

After breakfast, we stopped in TJMaxx for a few minutes as Nathan needed to buy some jeans. He had tried on his jeans and khakis while packing for the trip and realized NOTHING fit!!! He was very sad that he had outgrown clothes he bought just a few months ago and had to buy a new fall wardrobe. He found a few things there, I, on the other hand, bought nothing! Nothing on my very first trip to TJMaxx????? That's crazy! I was in mercury glass heaven for sure, but since we were traveling in Nathan's truck,  there really wasn't any room for extra packages. So.....I must go back!!!
While waiting for Nathan to try on jeans, I saw a rack of cute Halloween costumes, a lady walked by and said the Tinkerbell outfit probably wouldn't fit! LOL :0) I asked Peter to take my picture....He thinks I'm silly....and rolls his eyes, but humors me anyway! LOL

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Shellbell said...

The homeless situation is tough...I feel for them, but wonder if it's true or not. Teri knows someone in the West that gives out backpacks of supplies - she has people from everywhere donating to her. I read her posts and decided to do it in a small way. I bag up bottle water and snacks that won't melt and add some toiletries (either travel size or ones I get for free from couponing deals) and leave them in my car. I have passed lots out now. I haven't started doing it with Addison yet (more from a safety perspective) but soon will. I mostly do it while at the walmart parking lot, but have pulled over on main roads too. It feels good to help and makes me think that they must really need it, since no one has said no.

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