Thursday, October 9, 2014

weekend in charlotte, nc (day 2-continued)

I was very excited about our next stop. I was finally going to scratch off one of my bucket list items. I had researched places that offered zip lining and it looked like US Whitewater Center was the best place. I even talked Peter and Nathan into trying it. Kayla was willing too.
We decided on a one-event ticket and chose the Mega Zip, which went right over the rapids. We all four loved it and would definitely go zip lining again. I'm so glad Peter gave it a try!! Here are some pictures from our time there: the first picture shows the lines over the rapids that we did.

Besides the 3 zip line courses, you can go white water rafting, kayaking, and paddle boarding......

There are several rope courses that look really fun....

There also bike trails and places to just sit and watch, as well as a restaurant with seating that overlooks everything and also benches for picnics. I loved it there! Definitely a place to check out if you are in Charlotte.

Time to gear up!

The look on Peter's face in this picture says it all!! 

We couldn't take our cameras with us, so no pictures of our zip! 
Peter ended up loving it (as did the rest of our gang) and we are already planning our next adventure!!! :0)

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