Tuesday, May 20, 2014

book club: week #4

Book Club Day (a little late!)
Week #4
Chapters 13-16

13) What was the worst home improvement challenge you've ever taken on? Was it worth it in the long run? Dad has done most of our home improvements over the years, or we've hired a local carpenter if the project was too big. I'd say our biggest challenge is putting things together, like a tv cabinet or even worse, a swingset. After this many years of marriage, we have a rating system for difficulty,  depending on how many quarrels we have while putting something together. It's always worth it in the longrun though.

14) Do you agree that it's sometimes your job to be your husband's cheerleader? When was a time that you encouraged your husband or helped them through something they were going through? It's always a wife's/husband's job to be the other's cheerleader.

15) How did having your first child affect your marriage? Did it change the dynamic in ways you weren't expecting? We waited 5 years before having our first child so we were both very ready for a baby. Naturally, it did change things since we now had a little one to consider at all times. Logan was such a good, happy baby., so adjusting wasn't all that difficult.

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