Saturday, July 27, 2013

5 on friday - Pioneer Woman

I'm linking up for 5 on Friday.

I'm a big Pioneer Woman fan.............I follow her blog and watch her tv show on Food Network. For this week's 5 on Friday, it's all about Ree's yummy recipes-some that I've already tried and some that hope to cook up very soon.
Pioneer Woman: Ree Drummond
{1} My favorite PW recipe is Mushroom and Swiss Sliders w/ Spicy Fry Sauce! You MUST try!!! Y-U-M!!!!!! Here's a link to my post with the recipe.
Mushroom and Swiss Sliders with Spicy Fry Sauce photo
(source: Pinterest)

Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman - & her hubby, Ladd - Marlboro Man
{2} Homemade Granola Bars- This is at the top of my to-try list! I buy lots of granola bars for snacking and lunch, but I've always wanted to make my own. This recipe looks soooo good!
Homemade Granola Bars. Crunchy, so flavorful...and addictive.
"The Pioneer Woman" by Ree Drummond
{3} Monkey Muffins- I made these last Christmas morning and they were amazing! They might just become a yearly tradition....

Here's a link to my post with the recipe!
Ree Drummond
{4} Perfect Potato Soup - I LOVE creamy soups and this potato soup lives up to it's's perfect! Creamy, but not too thick. Here's the link to my post with the recipe.

Leading them home... picture by Ree Drummond / The Pioneer Woman, via Flickr

{5} Creamy Chicken Piccata- this is one I want to try! :O)

Pioneer Woman is amazing- Creamy chicken piccata.

The Pioneer Woman | Ree Drummond

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