Wednesday, July 17, 2013

summer get-away {2}

I woke up early on Saturday morning, just as Lindsey was leaving for work. Peter and Logan slept awhile longer, so I sat out on the porch until they got up. This trip was all about relaxing, and this was the perfect way to start the day. So peaceful!

I thought later that we should have gotten in the pool while we were there, but I hadn't packed our bathing suits (which, btw, mine still has the tags on from when I bought it 2 years ago for our trip to FL). I should have packed them though, because we had the oppertunity to swim later that night after we got home from time....maybe!? :O)
Peter fixed breakfast when he got up. A favorite of his and Logan's....boiled fish, biscuits, and cheddar cheese melted in their coffee. :O) :O)
After breakfast, we headed out for the day, stopping to do a little shopping before heading to Ocean City. Peter had some b-day $$$ which he spent right away on this....

There was a little traffic as we drove to O.C., so we made the wise decision to eat dinner early, then hit the boardwalk. Dinner did not disappoint at Hooper's....awesome food, and the view is definitely a plus!

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