Sunday, July 21, 2013

saturday nine ~ july 20

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1) The best-selling Beach Boys album of all time is a two disc greatest hits compilation. Do you have favorite Beach Boys song? I like several Beach Boys songs: Surfin' USA, California Girls, Kokomo...

2) The original members of the group were the Wilson brothers, their cousin Mike and a friend from the neighborhood. Have you ever worked with a family member? Yep, my BIL & SIL own the b&b that I manage.

3) Originally released in the mid-1970s, Endless Summer was one of the first fast-selling albums sold on TV. Have you ever picked up the phone and purchased anything directly from TV? Not me, but Peter has. He's a sucker for commercials.:O)
Me and Carolyn work with a variety of As Seen on TV Products here at #360PR, so this is a logo I encounter daily...and also when up watching TV after 2am :)
4) The Beach Boys are very popular in Australia. Have you ever been Down Under? No, but I would love to someday!!
Snorkeling At The Great Barrier Reef, Australia.I want to go see this place one day. Please check out my website Thanks.
5) Actor John Stamos played bongos on the Beach Boys' hit, "Kokomo." In his younger days, Stamos was Blackie on the daytime drama, General Hospital. Have you ever followed a soap opera?  Peter & I were Guiding Light fans, and after that went off he started dvr-ing Y & R. I usually watch too if I'm around.

Josh and Reva Get Married    With Sonni/Solita and daughter Marah's paternity debacle (a tampered test ID'd Kyle as the pop) behind them, Josh and Reva finally wed in 1989. The down home affair took place at the Lewis family cabin, Cross Creek, and definitely gets our vote for best "GL" wedding of all time.
6) Many Beach Boys songs revolve around the surf. Have you ever been on a surf board?  Um, nope!

7) Would you prefer summer to be endless? Or do you enjoy the changing seasons? I LOVE the seasons, some more than others. Fall is my favorite time of the year!

8) Do your summer 2013 plans include a trip to a waterpark? No, we'll be skipping the waterparks.

9) Describe your swimsuit. My swimsuit (purchased 2 years ago for a trip to FL) still has the tags on it. I do love it though and may actually put it on someday. I got it from Lands End. It is similar to the picture below.
Women's Beach Living Floral Paisley Adjustable Scoopneck Tankini Top from Lands' End

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The Gal Herself said...

I like your suit! I burn so easily that I'd appreciate the extra coverage on my legs. Land's End ... Gotta remember that!

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