Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Simple Woman's Day Book: July Edition

Outside my window....after a couple of less humid, almost fall-like days, today has been more humid and the temp is in the low 90's. Feels like there is still plenty of summer left.

I am strange things will be when Nathan leaves next week!!

I am thankful....that both of our boys have a good job. Logan has been with the company 7 years already, and Nathan got his call last week and starts his new job Aug 7.

In the kitchen....actually, there is little cooking being done inside these days, instead we are grilling up a storm!! Yesterday, we grilled steaks. Peter's steak covered the entire plate! It was a ridicoulously big steak!!!!! {but he had no problem eating all of it!} :O) :O)

I am wearing....khaki capris, a bright pink tee, & brown flip-flips.

I am creating....nothing much really. I am getting some thoughts together for our fall projects around the house.

I am looking forward to....Homecoming!!! AUG 16 & 17

Around the house....we have been switching things around {for the time being}. Long story short, our new brown sofa is in the den and our old sofa is back in the living room. We are re-doing our living room this fall, so I'm trying to figure things out.................

A favorite quote for the day:
I really don't understand those people.

One of my favorite things....dragonflies! Last week, there were hundreds of them swarming all around. This one was the size of my hand!

Upcoming plans....


8 days until Nathan leaves to train for his new job. (8/05)

19 days until Homecoming / L & L home for a visit (8/16-17)

 37 days until back to school (oh, yeah, I don't have any kids going to school this year- first time in 20 years!!) Actually, Sept. 3rd is Logan's birthday!!! :O) (9/03)

39 days until football season! We switched to Directv a few months ago, so we'll have the NFL Sunday Ticket this year. :O) :O) Bears first game is 9/08.

 44 days until the we go to the O's game!!! (9/10) ......crossing our fingers that Nathan won't miss it!!!!!!!

70 days until the end of the b&b season (10/07)

95 days until Halloween (10/31)

123 days until Thanksgiving (11/28)

150 days until Christmas (12/25)

A peek into my day:

after a busy day at work, a nap is on the agenda!!


Shanna Watson said...

Congrats to Nathan on his new job!! I know you are proud :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I like your count down. We can NOT be that close to Christmas! That is crazy!

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