Monday, July 1, 2013

misc. monday & a countdown

I should have entitled this post "mixed-up monday"......between all the rain and having no electricity at the b&b most of the day, it was definitely not the best way to start the week. Hopefully, things will go a little smoother tomorrow and the rest of this holiday week. I had some great guests again over the weekend. It is always nice to have returning guests (and the gifts they often bring me are very much appreciated)!

Homemade Fig Preserves :O) :O)

-It's looking like our 4th of July celebration is going to be a very small affair this year. We are planning to cook lots of food, and of course, fire up the grill, but it may just be Peter & I. I was hoping Nathan and Kayla would be joining us too, but I think they might be eating with her family. I guess this is the beginning of new traditions...we'll see how things go! I'm actually okay with a low-key holiday, we'll just spend the evening in the backyard (we can even watch the fireworks from there).
Happy 4th of July!


3 days until the 4th of July (7/04)

11 days until our little get away / visit with Logan & Lindsey (7/12-14)

46 days until Homecoming / L & L home for a visit (8/16-17)

64 days until back to school (oh, yeah, I don't have any kids going to school this year- first time in 20 years!!) Actually, Sept. 3rd is Logan's birthday!!! :O)

66 days until football season! We switched to Directv a few months ago, so we'll have the NFL Sunday Ticket this year. :O) :O) Bears first game is 9/08.

71 days until the we go to the O's game!!! (9/10)

98 days until the end of the b&b season (10/07)

122 days until Halloween (10/31)

150 days until Thanksgiving (11/28)

177 days until Christmas (12/25)

The summer is just breezing by. It seems like once the 4th of July has come and gone, it's not long before summer is over. I'm hoping to get busy on our Summer List...we should check a few things off this week!


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