Friday, November 23, 2012

fall getaway

Peter and I finally got away for a few nights last weekend. Earlier this summer, I had started looking at places we could go, and I suggested Annapolis. We had thought about doing a little road trip from there to Baltimore, to see Peter's aunt and uncle, and then a day in D.C. Hurricane Sandy came and postponed all of our plans, but we still wanted to get away before the holidays. We left last Friday morning and got home Sunday evening, and here's what we ended up doing:

FRIDAY~ We left home early Friday morning and hit the road.... {all morning, I kept feeling like I had forgotten something back at home....}. While Peter took the car to be inspected, I spent a few hours in Walmart shopping and getting an eye exam for the first time.... {contacts or glasses UGH......more on this later}. We had a quick lunch at Famous Dave's {where I realized I had forgotten to pack camera!!!, but I borrowed Logan's later}, then more shopping. We met up with Logan and Lindsey for a little visit before heading to dinner at Outback, then a movie.
 FLIGHT w/ Denzel Washington
{notice the FREE movie ticket...bounce back from using my Regal Rewards card}
The theater was full, even though I thought the lines outside meant everyone was there to see Twilight! We always, always sit in the last row at the top, so I thought it would be quite an adjustment sitting in the 3rd row {the only seats left!!!}, but we actually loved it. Remind me though, to skip the plane crash movies three weeks before flying! Anyhow, I ended up loving the movie, but want to do a review post later. We stayed at Holiday Inn Express, getting a great deal using Priceline.

SATURDAY~ After breakfast and packing up the car, we hit the road and drove to Baltimore to see Peter's Aunt Stella in the hospital. The drive was nice, it was a gorgeous fall day!
We found the hospital with no problems {thanks again GPS}, and went up to Aunt Stella's room. Uncle Louis was so glad to see us, and we were so glad we had made the trip there to see them. It was a sad visit as Aunt Stella had failed so much, and Uncle Louis was so sad/tired, a very pitiful situation, but he was trying to do everything he could for her. It was a bittersweet visit, but we are very thankful we got to spend that time with them, although I don't believe she was aware we were there. We sat and talked for an hour or so, then we took Uncle Louis downstairs to get some lunch, and caught up a little more. We said our goodbyes, and even though we all three left in tears, it was a visit I'll always cherish. Peter and I talked on the drive back and we both thought she didn't have much longer to live. Early Tuesday morning, we got a call from Uncle Louis telling us the she had passed away.

We were staying in Ocean City, MD that night, so we headed that way, stopping along the way to do a little more shopping. I had booked another room with Priceline, another Holiday Inn Express & Suites. We checked in, then started looking for a restaurant for dinner.


Peter chose an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. He was in heaven! It was pretty good, especially the snow crab legs.
We had a balcony with a view of the ocean and the city......

SUNDAY~ We had breakfast in the restaurant downstairs, and after taking a look around, we started our drive back.

this hotel would be an awesome place to stay during the summer, as the boardwalk trolley comes right past here

It was nice to get away, especially before the hustle & bustle of the upcoming holidays!

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beagleAnnie said...

Hi Susan,
It's a sad news about your aunt, but also good to see her on that day. Enjoyed beautiful pictures!

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