Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My baby turns 17...

Happy 17th Birthday Nathan!!! I feel as though I just wrote about your 16th birthday , another year has passed much too quickly! Your Dad and I have been so blessed to have such amazing sons! You have given us so much joy and we are so thankful for the relationship we have with you. I know that sometimes you think we are overprotective or even "lame" at times, but I hope someday you realize it is only because we want nothing but the very best for you. We love you so much!! You have been such a strong willed and determined child, and you definitely challenge us at times, but you never fail to show us your love and respect.  I hope you know just how special you are to us....we'll always be your biggest fan!
I asked you awhile back if you wanted a party, and you said you just wanted a family get together. You didn't ask for any gifts from the family so we all gave you $$$.....which you plan to use to buy a bigger flat screen tv. You got cards in the mail from aunts, uncles, & cousins, Logan took you to the WWE show for your birthday while he was home a few weeks ago, and the grandparents joined us for cake and icecream this evening, oh, and you also loved the many birthday wishes you got on Facebook. A good birthday for sure!

I was looking through my online albums and came across these pictures of Nathan.
he literally fell asleep telling a story...he would go non-stop all day then just conk out!

you'll shoot your eye out....I never liked guns....why do boys love guns???

Nathan and a basketball...yep!

the biggest Bears fan!!

this was so funny... Nathan was {is} obsessed with claw machines. We were in Seaworld and he wants to go to a claw machine....I told him 2 quarters...that's it! He ran out a minute later with these 2 prizes! He was so excited!

our baby kitty Jaxson
 The next 2 pictures are classic Nathan. When I went in his room that night, he had a suction cup dart stuck to his head.....picture worthy indeed!

I pulled it off, but if you look left a circle on his forhead until morning! LOL
I love this boy!!!!


Shanna Watson said...

I'd love to have a slice of that cake! Happy Birthday Nathan!

That pic of Nathan falling asleep in the chair reminds me of one of my twin boys, Waylon. He is hard at it all day and then all of a sudden he's asleep, LOL.

Susan said...

Thanks Shanna! The cake was delish....almost ruined my diet! :O) It's a good thing they do wear out and need recharging, kids have endless energy {and you definitely know all about!!} :O)I'm so thankful for all of my pictures and videos of the boys, they grow so fast and go through so many different phases.

beagleAnnie said...

Happu birthday to Nathan! Your precious son looks so lovely.

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