Sunday, June 10, 2012

our June calendar is officially filled!

Life is busy.................the calendar seems to be full before the month even begins and June is definitely no exception! One of the big events coming up this month, Peter turns......well, see if you can guess.....................

Yep! The big 5-0!! We He is getting soooo old! I still have 3 years before I'm in his category! :O)
June is only a third of the way through and it has already been hectic. We have wrapped up another school year, complete with all the end of the year SOL tests and graduation festivities, and Peter and Nathan have taken their first overnight trip for the summer already! Logan gave Nathan tickets to WWE Smackdown 2012 for his upcoming birthday. They had great seats {section 118}. They've always liked wrestling, so Logan knew Nathan would love his birthday gift! Can't wait to hear all about it when they get home later today.

They left yesterday and spent the day shopping and met Logan and Lindsey for dinner before the show started. They also went to look at another house with Logan that he was considering. It was really, really nice, especially the water view, but it had limited storage space which is high on Logan's must-have list. It's a beautiful home though....
the front

the back

the view

the view from the back of the property

He really loved that view. But he'll keep looking, I'm sure the realtor will find the perfect home soon.

Other upcoming events on the calendar:
June 12 Peter's Mom & brother's birthday
June 15 Dad's birthday
June 17 Father's Day & our anniversary (29 years!!)
June 20 Nathan's 17th birthday
June 29 Peter's 50th birthday
Throw in Bible School week June 26-29 {Mom & I have a class}, and work {which is super busy}, and just everyday family life, and we've got a month filled with activity and celebration.

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beagleAnnie said...

You're so busy with lots of celebrations.

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