Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a "fun" fundraiser

We are just party animals...NOT! But we are turning into fundraising queens! Yesterday, before Women's Night Out, we had a "fun" day for the little kids. could I have forgotten how much energy a 3 year old can have???? For a couple of hours, we attempted to keep busy about 25 kids ages 3-8, it was definitely challenging, but I think they had an awesome time! I'll let the pictures tell the story!
Will getting his face painted
the girls had their nails painted
snack time
Lukas really enjoyed his cupcake :O)
Alona is ready to play some games....
don't get caught with the egg when the music stops....
helpers Mariah & Marissa

no bunnies for Sam, he chose an Angry Bird for his face paint...
Tara and Will wanted seconds....yummy cupcakes!
Gavin out ate was so cute how he rounded up the leftovers for one last little snack before heading home! :O)

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beagleAnnie said...

How challenging with 25 kids!! I can't stand ...