Wednesday, March 14, 2012

52 Weeks of Organinizing: An Organized Attic

Week #5: Organizing the Attic

I posted awhile back about the floor we were putting in our attic . Peter did a great job, and I finally got around to completing the organizing {thanks to Mom's help!} and getting some pictures to post.

Here is a before picture:

and here it is now.....
The northwest corner holds keepsakes I cannot part with: the boys books, some toys they loved, and several boxes of special keepsakes. Next to that, along the north wall, is Christmas stuff...
we bought our first live tree this past Christmas and love not having to store a fake one anymore!

the southeast corner holds my seasonal decorations and a few household items that I'm holding on to...for now...

along the south wall, I have a bin for each of us for clothes. Nathan keeps all of his clothes in his closet year round, but Peter and I have some summer/winter clothes that we store in the attic. I also keep suitcases in this section. The next section of containers and boxes is what Logan left behind when he moved in August. Since he's only been back home for one night since then, and hasn't had a chance to look through it, we'll have to store it awhile longer....this is in addition to all of his stuff in our shed...that boy has wayyyy too much stuff!
I love how open and roomy it is up there now! I have a few boxes set aside for the upcoming yard sale we'll be doing as a fundraiser in a month or so, and a few containers of stuff to sell on ebay{which I've had on my to-do list for over a year}, but other than that, our attic is now clutter free and super organized!!!

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beagleAnnie said...

Great work!! It's nice to have an attic to store things. We have no attic.

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