Friday, March 2, 2012

52 Weeks of Organinizing: Closets/Spring Cleaning

Week #4: Closet Organization & Spring Cleaning

A couple of years ago, I decided to finally get rid of our clunky, matchy bedroom furniture. I didn't like the look, yet I didn't know what I wanted to replace it with either. Another problem in our bedroom was, while we had a double closet, it had a tiny single door that hindered finding anything and was extremely difficult to organize. One day, I realized it was finally time for a new look. I donated our bed, mattresses, dresser w/ mirror "hutch" {yep, very 80's to say the least}, and the matching nightstand, to the b&b where I work. This left us with the tall dresser {pictures of this project will show up in a future blog post}, just big enough to hold Peter's clothes. It was also time to "expand" the closet-well, add double doors anyway. Our bedroom is on the small side, so of course I'll do anything to make it look bigger-hence our addition of sliding mirrored doors. Now before you roll your eyes, cut me a little slack, I do know that mirrored closet doors are on the "don't" list of most decorators these days, but for our bedroom, they did just the trick....our room looks so much bigger now! I also added a closet organizer that holds all of my clothes nicely, but unfortunately, it has gotten way out of hand over the winter and had become a cluttered mess. I brought it to bear this week and finally got it organized {again}. I also decided to "spring clean" a little differently this year by doing one room per week. I've spent this week in our bedroom, working a few hours each day, but I finished it today, and it looks so good and was much easier doing it this way. Here's a look:




I used a pants hanger for my purses
the not-so-chic mirrored closet
 Still no headboard...see my headboard ideas here
 bought this Martha Stewart bedding at KMart a few years the mocha & jade
 for now, this metal grill and sconces are filling in for the future headboard.....
more to come.................

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SparingChange said...

Wow! Great job! Your closet looks wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing your link!

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