Wednesday, March 21, 2012

52 Weeks of Organizing: Teen Boy's Room

Week #7: Teen Boy's Room

Moving on with the Spring cleaning, this week I'm working in Nathan's room. He keeps a pretty neat room, but oh boy, does his closet get cluttered! He is a HUGE sports fan, and has way too many jerseys, shoes, coats, hats, books, games, gadgets, cards, you name it, it's in his closet. The before picture looks awful....I guess it was worse than I thought:
you can't find anything in this messy closet!
I took everything out and began sorting. Before, I have kept all of his clothes in his closet, but I decided to free up some space and pack away his winter coats and shirts{in our nice, clean, organized attic}. This left plenty of room for his gazillion many jerseys and warm weather clothes. I took out his dresser, since he has 2 closet length shelves and a bookcase for bins to store everything right in his closet. I added the wire shelf dividers awhile back and they work great for stacking clothes by type. I even added labels!
the shelf just above the rod is divided into sections by wire dividers: b-ball shorts/pants, jeans, t-shirts, and misc. shirts

on one side of the closet hang all of his jerseys/nice shirts/sweatshirts

on the other side his bookcase holds socks/pj pants/underware/t-shirts/magazines/a bin full of cords, etc.
there are also hooks for backpacks, belts, and some sports gear

after: an organized closet!
There is higher shelf over top of the one holding clothes. It holds: books, a few storage boxes w/ keepsakes, football cards, and other less often used items. I'm trying to replace all of the mix matched bins throughout the house. I'll be picking up bins for Nathan's room or I just might order them from the
I really like this one room per week cleaning method that I've started this year. I don't feel the pressure to get it done on a deadline and I'm not as worn out from cleaning non-stop like I usually am. Once I complete Nathan's room, I'll have 3 super clean & organized rooms down......I love the feeling of knowing that I have a place for everything, that I can actually find something when I need it.
The funeral is today, so I've only got an hour or so to spare, but that's okay, I can get alot accomplished in an hour!  


beagleAnnie said...

One room for one week, you are clever!

Susan said...

LOL....this works for me, but it will take awhile to get it completed. I like that the rest of my life can carry on while getting the Spring cleaning done!

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