Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

MARCH: It's my birthday month!!! Not only that, but it's March 20th- the first day of SPRING! How cool is that? The older I get though, the less fuss I like done for my birthday {shhhhh! I'll be 47...UGH!} I am thankful though, that I do have lots of family & friends who always remember my birthday and make me feel special. My birthday wishlist is very short this year........I really, really want a new camera! I currently have a Nikon Coolpix point & shoot, and while it takes a decent picture for the average picture taking person, it doesn't quite do the job for a blogger! I love blogging and I love reading other blogs as well. I'm especially drawn to blogs that are full of awesome photos. So, I've been doing my homework. What type of camera am I looking for??? When I first started researching, I immediately went to a Nikon - D3100 14.2-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera

Then I kept reading about "bridge" cameras. The camera that takes high quality pictures like the one above, but is easier to use for a beginner like me, and the price is much lower. I've been looking at this one.
Olympus 14MP 36x Optical Zoom Digital Camera
Description: Up close and personal. Ready to see your favorite subjects in a whole new way? Reach for the SP-810UZ digital camera. Its incredible 36X optical zoom lets you get closer, more detailed shots than ever before. All in bright, beautiful 14 megapixel detail for photos so realistic that they seem to jump off the screen.

Make the most out of every shot. From a Beauty mode that removes unwanted wrinkles and blemishes, to a Pet mode that automatically tracks even the peskiest of critters, the SP-810UZ gives every subject the attention they deserve. It even captures wide-reaching panoramas with in-camera stitching, and full 720p HD video for memories in motion.

Picture-perfect gift. The SP-810UZ puts the control, precision, and pure photo power of a DSLR camera in your hands--or the hands of your favorite shutterbug. You'll be giving the ultimate lightweight, user-friendly, point-and-shoot experience. This complete kit--featuring a 4GB SD memory card, camera case, computer software, and more--includes everything a photographer of any level needs to get started. And it's all at price that's easy to adore!

I'm seriously thinking about getting the bridge camera, since I will be able to use it and hopefully, learn more about photography without getting frustrated. I still haven't ruled out the SLR, I don't want to be sorry that I just didn't go ahead and get the nicer camera. I could probably learn to use it right? Hmmm....what to do....okay photographers out there { or even new camera owners that are still learning} I would appreciate any input on this before I buy. Thanks!!!

P.S. As I am writing about my spring birthday coming up in a few weeks, I'm looking out the window at a light snowfall. :O( It looks very wet, so I'm hoping it doesn't stick....NO SNOW IN MARCH pleeeeasssssee!!?

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Patti said...

If you're going to spend the money to upgrade to an SLR camera - be sure to go with a DSLR. This is one that you can change out your lenses. Reading your post, it sounds as though you want to take photography further & if you limit your lens to a built in model you may be disappointed.
My 1st DSLR (& still my camera that I use 3 years later) is the Nikon D60. Another "entry level" model is the Nikon D90. You have so many more options with the changeable lenses!

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