Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sweet & Sassy

Wow! What a busy weekend and week this has been!!! More on what's been going on at our house in upcoming posts, but for now I wanted to share two of the sweet treats I made for last night's "Women's Night Out" fundraiser. Thanks to Pinterest I have literally gone crazy with the creativity! We did a ladies night fundraiser that included desserts & cappuccino, along with games and of course, dancing! We had a blast, a night full of laughter and just letting our hair was very evident that some of us have been cooped up wayyyy too long this winter...LOL! :O)
I made white chocolate dipped PEEPS w/ sprinkles, which I thought would be super easy to make...NOT! Did you know that white chocolate is a pain to melt? There must be a secret that I haven't learned, please share if you know the secret to melting it perfectly.

I managed to dip about 20 PEEPS, before losing patience, then moved on the my next treat.
These 3 ingredients make this cute bird's nest candy!
I also made 7 Layer Bars, and sliced up a Lemon Pound Cake that I had in the freezer. There was a whole table of other homemade yummies too! Did I say I needed a diet? :O)
Let Birds Fly

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