Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!!

Happy 16th Birthday NATHAN!!!!
I can't believe that you are 16!! What a sweet, loving, smart, handsome young man you have grown to be. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. Dr. Lindsay decided to put me in a week early( since your brother had been so big and came so quickly). You weighed 9 lbs. and you were 21.5" long. What a big boy!! Your Dad was in the delivery room when you were born, and your Gran, Pop, & Logan were waiting to see you. You looked just like your Bub. You were a very good baby (except for those few weeks of colic). For the first year or so, you were very quiet and easy going, but by the time you hit your 2nd birthday, you came out of your shell! You had the sweetest personality, but boy could you get fiesty! You have always been strong willed and let's not forget your schedule! You have lived by the clock since you were old enough to read the time on the 3 yrs. old!! Your favorite toys were TY Beanie Babies. You had hundreds of them, which you ripped the tag off as soon as you got one (you said they didn't look real with the tag on). :O) You loved the Lion King, and animals of any kind. For several months, you went around with a string tied to the back of your belt loop, letting it drag behind you. You said it was your tail. LOL So cute!!! You lived in your pjs and were contented to stay home most of the time. You were 4 when you learned to ride your little bike. You said "Mom, I'm going to ride my bike to Gran's house", I told you that you hadn't learned how to ride without training wheels yet, but guess what, after a little push, you rode your bike to Gran's that day! Once you started Kindegarten, you found out there was a whole big world out there that you wanted to see......this ended your wanting to stay at home and you were constantly on the go, wanting to be outside all the time. You loved to go fishing and crabbing. You had a pet turtle and later you got your own kitty, Jaxson, who you love to death!! You are a very determined and concientious child. You respect your Dad & I, as well as others you are in contact with. You love your family and show us every day. Even though there are 7 yrs. between you and your Bub, you have grown so close, especially after our family trip to FL last year. You love sports...I know you must be the biggest Bears, Orioles, Lakers, Flames fan in the world. When I close my eyes and picture you in my mind, I see my sweet boy with an Orioles jersey on and a glove & ball in your hand. You love spending time with all of your family, and really enjoy going to your Gran & Pop's house. You have even gotten Pop into watching sports again! You have been such a joy to us! You keep us on our toes at all times, when we tend to go with the flow, you are the one who keeps us straight, you always have a plan. You are silly one minute and super serious the next. You tell us every day how much you love us and always kiss us goodnight, what a way to end the day! Nathan, I hope you know just how much we love you!!! Hope today is special, just like you!! Happy Birthday!!!!


Jackie said...

Aw, how sweet! Happy Birthday to him!! And that story about walking around with a string saying it was his tail, how cute is that! They sure grow up fast, don't they? Mine is only 5, but I know he'll be in high school in no time.

Thanks for stopping by. Following you right back! Have a great week!

nicole@ said...

Happy birthday to Nathan! Thanks for the follow. I have been on vacation and have not checked my blog. I am now followering you. Sorry about the delay.

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