Friday, June 17, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday......

1. The last movie I saw was ··· Hall Pass
2. I want ··· Dad to have a successful surgery and soon come back home!!!

3. Surprises are ··· great, as long as it's like a gift or something nice someone has done for me, but not so fun if we are talking surprise party, etc. I guess I'm not the surprise kindof girl, I like being in control and not being put on the spot.

4. The best accessory is ··· a cute jacket or cardi.

5. My favorite warm drink is ··· definitely hot chocolate!! Is there anything better on a cold {snowy} day!!?

6. My favorite cold drink is ··· Diet Coke or Sweet Tea!!!!

7. Currently loving... work {love, love my job at the b&b}, and summer!

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