Sunday, September 11, 2016


We made a quick visit to see Kamry and Lindsey on yesterday. First a little shopping (have I told you how much fun shopping for little girls is?!!!), then Peter dropped me by the house while he went to the boat docking at Brew River for a few hours. Later, Kamry and Lindsey went to dinner with us at Texas Roadhouse (her first outing with us!!). She is the absolute best baby!! We dropped them off at home afterwards, then we went to watch a late movie. Sully was awesome!! 

We all slept in this morning, then hung out until we caught the boat home. Saying goodbye just gets harder!! :O(

We had an awesome time even though it was way too short. Kamry seems to change daily and even though we get pictures and videos from them every day, there is nothing like seeing her in person - getting snuggles and kisses and having her smile that sweet smile at us and now, she has started "talking" to us!! I caught this video before heading out to dinner. How sweet is that???? 

Can't wait to go back!!! :O) :O)

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