Saturday, September 3, 2016

Happy 28th Birthday Logan!!

Logan - 
I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! I know, of course, that being away from home a storm...isn't the "perfect" way to be celebrating, but you are one of those uniquely special people who has a way of making anywhere you are, and whoever you are around, the absolute best!  I've said since you were little that you never thought the party could start until you got there! You are a pure joy and everyone loves you. They say success is determined not only by what you have accomplished in life (which for you at 28 is far far more than most dream of), but by the people who surround you - your friends (which are many), people you may only come into contact with once in your life (but leave an impression they never forget), your family who loves you more than words, your partner for life (who not only stands beside you with love and pride, but has your back through all the ups and downs that life brings your way) and just when you thought you had it all, God blesses you with the most perfect little girl who will forever look up to you and love you like you have never been loved before and you can experience this true joy and happiness that your Dad and I have felt these past 28 years. I hope you know just how loved you are and what a true blessing you are to us!! Happy Birthday Logan, I Love you soooooo much!!! --MOM ❤️

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