Monday, May 23, 2016

life lately + photo dump

Life lately: my days pretty much consist of work (spotty so far, but will officially kick in this holiday weekend), daily life stuff at home, keeping track of everyone's schedules (we literally live by the calendar day by day), and all things Kamry!

Peter's new schedule started on May 4, so now Nathan gets home a week before him (and goes back a week before Peter has to go back - Nathan leaves on Tues.). This is really working out well for everyone! :O)

I love spending a little time with Nathan (and I mean a little) but I've found with young adults, you take any amount of quiet time with them that you can get!!!! <3

I got this awesome belated Mother's Day gift from him & Kayla....I love my Disney Alex & Ani, my MICKEY golf cart emblem, and those essential oils bath bombs are the BOMB! :O)

The has rained pretty much EVERY day for the past month!!!!! There have also been mornings that have felt like early winter! Brrrr....

Lots of curling up with a throw and a mug of hot chocolate!! Seriously, where is SPRING??

Peter had crew change last Wednesday in Philly, so after picking me up, we headed straight to Baltimore.

I've lost count of how many times in the past month we've passed the stadiums! We had planned to take in an O's game this summer, but we wonder now if we ever want to go back to Baltimore again once Kamry comes home!!

side note: we stayed at Country Inn & Suites BWI area and absolutely LOVED it!! We will be staying there during any future visits. Bonus... there is a Chilis right next door (we had the absolute best ribs there - get Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce!)

We had an awesome visit with Logan and Lindsey. Kamry is doing so well and it's just a matter of time before she will be transferred (or maybe, better yet, come HOME!!!).

A few recent pictures....

Love this sweet little family so much!!

Dinner is provided every night at Children's House (which they are extremely thankful for and have enjoyed very much!!), but we asked them to go out to dinner with us instead. I suggested The Cheesecake Factory, which (a) is just minutes away from the hospital, (b) we had never eaten there before and had heard great reviews, and (c) who doesn't LOVE cheesecake???? :O)

The menu is HUGE.....we ordered the Nachos for the table for our app....GET.THE.NACHOS!!! OMG...they are the best!

My meal was good, but not the greatest thing I ever ate. I got the Half a Chicken-Almond Salad Sandwich (which turned into a whole sandwich), a Cup of Soup (Wild Mushroom) (which was actually a huge bowl) and a Small Caesar Salad (there was nothing small about it-it took up half a platter). I forgot to get a pic, but it was ALOT of food!! It was good, but not memorable. The cheesecake however, I'll never forget!!!! I got the White Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake Swirled with Macadamia Nuts and Caramel on a Blonde Brownie Crust. I was too full after dinner, but ate it on the car ride home the next day! I will return to The Cheesecake Factory if only for the Nachos & this....

We spent a few hours with Kamry on Thursday, before heading home. Each time, it gets harder to leave them. I pray that they will all three soon be home!!

The drive back was beautiful (major traffic jam, but beautiful!!). I am obsessed with clouds!

Kamry had a banner day on Thursday!! When we got home that night, they reported that she was up to 4 lbs. 1 oz., had been moved to a crib, and had taken two bottles that day!!! She also had her first eye exam and had made out well with that. Lindsey is doing very well these days and I am so thankful that she is feeling better. She has been able to help with most of Kamry's cares (changing diapers, taking temps, helping with baths, etc.). They love that she is now in a crib and they can hold her whenever they want to. She swaddles her up and tucks her in tight! :O) Between their love and care and mommy's milk, Kamry is thriving and growing quickly! "O)

doesn't she look content?

And these two pictures from last night....

Logan's "thing" with Kamry started from the beginning, reading to her!! :O) Of course, I was happy to finally pull out all of the boy's books that I had saved all these years! I had a good cry as I sorted through the bins. It is a bittersweet feeling when you look through the pages of the books you read thousands of times to your precious little boy, and now he will read those same books to his little girl! :O) Priceless!!

(notice the name sticker on the book...I love that their books are labeled, some dated and who from. I want to get book plates and stickers for Kamry's books too!) :O)

Our precious girl! I can hardly wait to see them all again!! :O)

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