Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ipsy Bags

I love getting my IPSY package every month, but those cute, little bags start to pile up! I've been putting them to good use though, here are a few uses other than just a make-up bag......

1. Receipts: perfect for all those receipts in your purse or use one to hold monthly receipts until ready to file.

2. Coupons & Gift Cards: again, works great in your purse to hold coupons and/or gift cards.

3. Chargers: while traveling, keep all of your chargers together in one place.

4. Memory Cards or flash drives

5. iPod, buds, and wireless speaker


6. Office Supplies: keep a few office supplies handy in your work bag.

7.Cell Phone and Charger: great for storing your phone and charger in your purse or travel bag.

8. Medicines: while traveling, keeps your mess together in one of these bags.

Side note: a contact lens case works great for keeping individual or daily doses of your meds.

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