Friday, May 6, 2016

Kamry {Day 14}

Kamry is 2 weeks old!

So far, things are moving forward at a pretty good pace. She is up to 24 cc of milk, and weighs 3 lbs.1 oz.!!! (her lowest weight only got down to 2 lbs. 10 oz.). She is still only on the oxygen strap and feeding line (drinking Mom's milk). Mom and Dad both are getting to hold her and Mom helps with her baths (which she is not a fan of). She is still being called feisty (one nurse told them she wouldn't be surprised to find the port hole door open and see Kamry trying to climb out). LOL

We bought her some pretty receiving blankets for her bed, so she now has her own, and pretty soon, they will start dressing her! We bought her this cute preemie outfit to start her wardrobe. After having two 10 lb. babies, I'm still amazed at the smallness of a preemie.The boys never wore newborn clothes and barely fit in 0-3 months for long. The size range on this outfit is up to 5 lbs. and 17 inches - which she will still swim in.... That's Crazy!

We take Allie one of her blankets to smell of every time we leave. So far, she approves of her little sissy! :O)
She has stolen our hearts even more...the last few days we were at the hospital.....she started smiling!!! When Mom and Dad talk to her, her face lights up, a thousand wrinkles appear, and the biggest smile you ever saw comes over her face!!! Lindsey sent us a picture of Logan holding her and I don't know who has the biggest smile - it melts my heart!! It still amazes me how you can love someone so much and form such a strong bond in such a short amount of time. For the rest of her life, Kamry will have these two people loving her, and making sure she will always be taken care of (as well as all of the rest of her family).

They are still at the Ronald McDonald house, mostly just showering and sleeping there. They are hoping a spot soon opens up at the Children's Center. It would be nice to just walk across the street and be there. We took some food to them last weekend as well as more stuff from home. We stayed with them at the hospital all day Saturday and a few hours on Sunday (or at least a I did - Peter had a cold and spent most of his time at the hotel or in the parking garage) :(  :( :( Germs in the NICU are frowned upon!

I sat with Kamry for about an hour on Saturday night, while Logan and Lindsey went downstairs to get something to eat. I mostly just sat there as she slept peacefully. I finally had a few quiet minutes to just soak it all in. I have a granddaughter, a tiny, beautiful, precious granddaughter! I can hardly wait to hold her, and read to her, and get kisses under that sweet little chin (which by the way took my eye from the moment I saw her - along with her mouth that looks exactly like her daddy's!!). :0)

Lindsey would have been 32 weeks this coming Tuesday. I think that is usually the magical number with preemies, so we will see how things progress over this next week. Premature babies, NICU, all this is so foreign to me. I feel like I have entered some strange world where everything here is unknown and scary and we somehow have to make our way blindly through it. We will be forever thankful to the doctors and especially, to all the wonderful NICU nurses who take such great care of these tiny little babies. So far, things seem to be taking a good course, and she is growing and not having any setbacks. We are taking things one day at a time and looking very forward to the day she comes home!

We got home on Monday. Peter left for work on Tuesday evening. We have barely had time to even think about how good his new schedule is going to be.The same day Logan started as Captain, Peter found out he was going on a new boat. This tour will allow him to now have a week off while Nathan is home and the other week while Logan is home. Answered prayer, especially now!

I can't believe I won't see Logan, Lindsey, and Kamry for 2 weeks!!! I have asked them to send daily pictures, because she seems to change her looks and grow even more every day! I literally see a difference every day! Her face is starting to fill out more - oh my those sweet cheeks! I am craving a kiss so bad! I can hardly wait to hold her for the first time!! :O)

We have LOTS of pictures of Kamry coming soon that I can hardly wait to share!! Then, I warn you and I am sorry (not sorry) in advance for cute granddaughter overload!! :O) :O)


Shellbell said...

Can't wait to see her! I remember how big logan & nathan were, so i can imagine how tiny she seems.

We fly in to BWI on 5/24, if she hasn't gone home yet, we hope to swing by the hospital.

Susan Crockett said...

Shelli- They would love that!! <3

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