Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kamry {one month old}

Our beautiful, precious Kamry turns one month old.....
She is hovering around 4 lbs.
(although she has lost a few ounces since they introduced the bottle this week).
She is on a waiting list to be transported to PRMC....any day now!! :O)

I got a few good pictures during our visit last Thursday,
even though she was still in the incubator.
She was moved to a crib that night!! :O)

I could stand over her and just stare for hours. From the minute I saw her, my favorite feature of hers is her mouth and chin. :O) I can hardly wait to hold her for the first time and get a "smell"!

When you tell her she's cute....

she peeps at you and flashes the most beautiful smile
(even when you think she's sleeping)! ;o)
<3 <3 <3
source: facebook


Ashley Eskridge said...

She's so beautiful! I know you can't wait to hold her!! Oliver and Kamry will have some fun together when they are older and visit Tangier :)

Susan Crockett said...

Thanks Ashley! Awww...I know! I can hardly wait until she comes home, and am so excited about her future Tangier visits! Oliver is a sweetheart - I can see them both now at the beach! :O)

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