Monday, December 7, 2015

The Happiness Project: Wrap-Up (Jan-June)

The Happiness Project
December 2015
Boot Camp Perfect
For December, Gretchen assigned us a mission of doing "Boot Camp Perfect". We are supposed to use all the things talked about in the previous eleven months.
For me, December can be one of most out-of-sorts months. I think because there is just so much to do and just a few weeks to do it in. While I love Christmas and promise myself every year that I won't get caught up in all the hustle and bustle...I do! :O(
I'm not sure December is the best month to wrap-up this Happiness Project, it seems like January (New Year!) would be better. :O)
I have enjoyed going through this book and I do think it has given me a different perspective on finding joy and happiness in the everyday.
Boost Energy
- I am going to bed earlier/getting more sleep
(this took months to get into a routine).
- Exercise.....NOT!!! I am frustrated with myself about this one
and it REALLY needs to become a priority for me.
Bahahahaha!!! This is so funny!! If I didn't like exercising so much I'd totally use this excuse
- The organizing came easy and I feel like the house is (overall)
pretty much clean and organized.
- I still have a few tasks on the to-do list,
but I have accomplished quite a few things that I had put off.
- Energy....that seems to go up and down....
most of the time I am raring to go! :O)
Remember Love
- I haven't quit nagging....I'm working on it! :O)
- I think not wanting praise or a pat on the back is crazy!
It's always nice to know you are appreciated! :O)
- Fight right (w/hubby).....hmmm...with this big mouth? :O)
I'll try harder! :O)
- I'm more conscious of not complaining or being whiny!
- I try every day to give proofs of love to Peter, my family, friends,
and those I come into contact with. This was an easy one for me! <3
I used to do this to Morgan all the time when we were little :) I loved him so much I would squeeze him a hard as I possibly could!
Aim Higher
- I LOVE my blog!!!! :O)
- I still don't like failing or asking for help!
- Work smart...this is another easy one for me.
- I am enjoying each day and trying to live in the now!! :O)
If you're always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you're in?
Lighten Up
Good Morning Quotes|| how come when I read this in my head it came out as "Goooooood morning Robertson family!" ?
- I don't sing in the morning...but I do like turning the music up loud!
- I am thoughtful of other's feelings.
- I am still the one who captures and records memories (again, love my blog!).
- I don't take as much time as I would like for projects.
Be Serious About Play
I do all of May's tasks: Have fun, be silly, try new things, start a collection!
Make Time For Friends
- I'm pretty good remembering birthdays.
- I try to be generous....
- and be there when my family or friends need me.
- I'm still working on gossiping...
but try to keep my opinion to myself as much as possible.
- I didn't make three new friends (I barely have time for the ones I have!!) :O(
do good quote - do all the good you can in all the ways you can… I think I love this.. maybe canvas material

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