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The Happiness Project: April 2015 (part 1)

The Happiness Project: April 2015

Lighten Up: Parenthood

Part One: Sing in the Morning


My children are a major source of happiness. From their biggest achievements in life to the sweetest, small moments, they make me very happy!
 Even with all the hours of worry, loss of sleep, and frustration, my children have brought me more joy, love, and happiness than I ever could have imagined.
You Are My Sunshine Nursery Art Sunflower Art by LilyandVal Because Marissa is my sunshine
This month, Gretchen focuses on parenthood and what we can do to make our home run smoother and help us enjoy being a parent even more. While I don't have little kids anymore, I think I can still apply some of these things to my life, and hopefully, find even more happiness in the process.
Gretchen suggests "singing in the morning", and while I don't actually feel like literally singing in the morning, having a cheery, happy attitude will certainly start everyone's day off much brighter than me being grumpy. We need to "lighten up" and even be a bit silly, especially with little kids. It may make the difference between them having a good day or bad day.
Good Morning Quotes|| how come when I read this in my head it came out as "Goooooood morning Robertson family!" ?
Our attitude and how we handle the frustrations of raising our children makes a difference in our happiness and it's affect on our children (and husband).
I love this little story Gretchen used in the book:
"A friend of mine told me that when his sons were five and three years old, they woke up at six every morning. On weekends, week after week, he and his wife tried to persuade them to go back to sleep or to play quietly-with no success.
So finally, he gave up. He'd let his wife stay in bed, and he'd get the boys dressed and out of the door. He'd stop for coffee, then the three of them would head for the park, and he'd watch them play for an hour before they returned home for breakfast.
These days, his boys sleep late on the weekends, and now those early mornings with his boys are some of his happiest memories: the morning light, the quiet park, and his little boys racing across the grass." :O) :O)

The days are long but the years are short {Free Printable} - Google Drive
How true!!!

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