Thursday, October 29, 2015

good things thursday: photo dump

My flowers are the prettiest they have been all summer.
I hate to see them go. I also still have a few monarchs lingering around. :O)


While Peter was home, we did some southern cooking....Peter's fried chicken along with kale, fresh limas, sweet potatoes, pickled beets, & sweet tea.
fall front steps.....
(I've since killed the mum) :O(
Finished off the laundry room with this....
Mom gave me the wood tray/wall hanging (Walmart) earlier this summer and I finally ordered vinyl lettering (etsy). Love it!!! :O)

The other thing I hung in the laundry room was this cute chalkboard (Hobby Lobby), which I'll change out seasonally.

I made these quick & easy pumpkin spice muffins this morning...
recipe HERE
Jaxson wakes me up wayyyy too early when Peter is gone [this particular morning it was 4 a.m.]!! I was wide awake and she was like this about half an hour later!
I found these pics on Peter's phone. I had asked if he would take some pictures for me while at work. He's not a fan of picture taking, but I love seeing where he's been while he's at work. I think the sunset pics are as he's running the bay and the burned building pic is in Baltimore [it's one that was used in the filming of Ladder 49]. Perk of his trip...while tied up in Salisbury, he got to see Logan and Lindsey for a few minutes. Still hoping they will all soon get on the same schedule.
spooky moon....
I really tried to get a good picture, but my night photography skills are lacking.
The sky definitely looked like Halloween was around the corner!

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