Thursday, September 24, 2015

good things thursday: b&b

Another season at the b&b is quickly coming to a close. In a way, it seems like forever since my first weekend back in May.....

then again, how can the countdown be down to 10 days??

I had a few of my favorite guests visit this week - a major "good thing" about my job. I was sad though, that Margaret's trip was cut short....with little notice due to (possible) bad weather coming in!? We didn't even get a chance to get ice cream! :O( She is the sweetest person, and I always look forward to her visit! :O)

I also had two other return guests who brought me (LOTS) of produce again this year.

I totally don't expect it, but thank them sooooo much for this generous gift! :O) I am planning to be very creative and use all of it (hopefully even try a few new recipes-which I plan to post!). :O) Thanks again!!! I love talking with both of them and enjoy having them stay at the b&b. I have made many new friends over the past 13 seasons, including this sweet couple. :O) :O)

Produce used so far.....

- tomato sandwiches for lunches

-tomatoes in vinegar (a favorite of Peter's)

- corn on the cob

- yesterday, we had sauted squash w/onions......

.....and Coconut Shrimp
- I also baked all but a few sweet potatoes and froze in ziploc bags. I can take a few out at a time and heat up for a quick side.

I bought the ingredients to make stuffed peppers (to freeze), and broccoli cheese soup, but yesterday was crazy, busy!! Back on the to-do list for tomorrow....

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