Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday 9: Hawaii Five-O

Saturday 9: Hawaii Five-O (1969)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This is the theme from the TV show that originally ran from 1968 to 1980 and is on now again with a new cast. Were you/are you a fan?
I used to watch all the time, but I don't faithfully watch the current show. Peter and Nathan love it and own all the seasons.
Hawaii 5-0 Season 2

2) On both shows, Five-O is an elite police task force led by Det. Lt. Steve McGarrett. Who is your favorite TV cop?

Peter watches them all: Blue Bloods, Chicago P.D......I'm not into tv as much, but my most recent favorites were Flashpoint and Rookie Blue.
Flashpoint is an emotional journey following the lives of members of the SRU (Strategic Response Unit) as they solve hostage situations, bust gangs, and defuse bombs. They work by utilizing their training to get inside the heads of these people in order to make them reach their breaking point (aka their flashpoint).
Girl's Night Out Amazon Instant Video ~ Steve DiMarco,

3) On both shows, the part of Danny "Danno" Williams was played by a second generation performer. (James MacArthur was the son of Broadway legend Helen Hayes; Scott Caan is the son of movie actor James Caan.) If you followed one of your parents into their chosen profession, what would you be doing?

My Dad was a teacher for over 30 years, so I'll say teacher! :O)

4) Both shows are filmed in Hawaii, the boyhood home of President Obama. Have any of our 44 Presidents hailed from your state?

Of course there have, I'm from Virginia!! Eight U.S. presidents, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, were born in Virginia and most of their homes can be visited today.

Click HERE to read more.

5) Kona coffee is made from beans cultivated on the Big Island of Hawaii. Are you a big coffee drinker?
Not really. I do, however, enjoy iced coffee.
Get'n Grounded
6) This week's song was written by the late Morton Stevens. In addition to composing for TV shows, he was the musical director for a group of entertainers known in the 60s as "The Rat Pack." Can you name any "Rat Pack" members?
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (I'll have to Google the rest!)

7) This week's featured band, The Ventures, began when Don Wilson purchased a used car from Bob Bogle. During negotiations, they discovered a shared passion for playing guitar. Did you buy your current ride new or used? Did the negotiations go smoothly?
We bought a used 2007 Chevy Trailblazer in 2008, and yes, things went smoothly.

8) The year this song was popular, 1969, is when Donald and Doris Fisher opened a San Francisco clothing store called The Gap. Today there are more than 3,200 Gap locations. Do you shop at The Gap or
Yes, to both.

9) Random question: What's on your Saturday to-do list?

On this rainy Saturday, after quite a busy week, my to-do list was very short.....a quick house tidy, make dinner, and then RELAX!!!
I would love a chalkboard wall with this painted in the middle... Please and thanks!


Smellyann said...

Wow, someone who actually shops at The Gap! LOL!

Another Virginian. I used to live there, so I have a little bit of VA pride going with all those Presidents, myself. ;)

CountryDew said...

Hope you enjoy Saturday 9. You might check out Sunday Stealing, too, if you like memes.

Happy to meet another Virginian!

Kwizgiver said...

I went to Poplar Forest, Jefferson's summer place and was so geekily thrilled!

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