Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Disney Vacation 2014 {day 8- part 2}

We had planned to take the boat from Magic Kingdom over to Fort Wilderness, but it was very windy today and the boats weren't running, so we had to take the bus instead. We had talked about where to have dinner for our last night, and when I suggested Hoop Dee Doo, Peter quickly agreed. We always enjoy it! :0) We had plenty of time before the show to walk around the resort.

 A game of checkers......good thing for Peter I was rusty ;0)
Since we had booked this last minute, the only time available was the first show. I picked Category 3, since we prefer the balcony to a floor table. We ended up being seated right in the middle of the floor on the main level. They do this when they don't have a full show. We didn't like our seats as well as those in the balcony and we got the most unenthusiastic waiter in Disney, but other than that, we had a great time! 

As part of the show, we were asked where we are from and what we were celebrating, and guess who slow danced again right in the middle of the restaurant?! This had been an awesome "just the two of us" vacation!! We ended the night with this......

The boat was running again after the show, so we enjoyed the ride back over to Magic Kingdom.

We skipped going back in the park, since it was cold and we wanted to spend the rest of our time at the resort.......and it was time to pack up........:0(

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