Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Disney Vacation 2014 {day 6- part 1}

Tuesday February 11, 2014

Another gorgeous day! We headed to Downtown Disney for a little shopping and  lunch at Planet Hollywood. This had been a trip of many firsts for us and we almost got to try something I've always wanted to do! Characters in Flight.......

Notice I say almost! Every trip I beg ask Peter to ride it with me and he always says no. Peter is afraid of heights, and this thing goes wayyyyyy up (like 400 feet) in the air for an amazing view. As we were walking over to Planet Hollywood, we passed the balloon, and I asked, like I do every year, if we could try it, and this time he said ok! I was so excited! When we went up to the counter to buy tickets, we  I was disappointed to see that it wasn't running due to wind. :0( Awe, we came so close! But I have that on our to-do list for next trip. There are still so many things I want to see and do at Disney!!

Lunch was pretty good at Planet Hollywood. I got the turkey club and Peter got the cheese steak. We paid OOP ( minus a $10 coupon from our resort packet)= approx. $30.00 plus the pictures we bought. We browsed through a few more shops before leaving. I love the Lego displays in front of the Lego store!

We had planned to do a little resort hopping during this trip, and since Port Orleans Resort was nearby and it is where we'd like to stay sometime in the future, we got on the bus to Port Orleans.
We met the nicest family and chatted the whole way there. One of the ladies shared that she was a Disney travel agent/trip planner and had her own online business. That is always so fascinating to me and is my dream job! She gave me lots of helpful information, and we ended up talking again at the bus stop when we were leaving the resort. Who knows? Maybe someday! :0)
We stopped at Port Orleans French Quarter.......
It is a beautiful resort!!

I want to stay there even more now after seeing it!

part 2 coming up.......

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