Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our Disney Vacation 2014 {day 5- part 2}

When we got off of Soarin', our FP was ready to use, so we got right back on {and this time much faster!}. It was very hot {although we weren't complaining!}. We stopped to get something cold, then decided we were ready for a break.

Just relaxing by the pool { bathing suit still has the tags on it! Maybe next year......}.
We had a dinner reservation at a favorite: OHana. I could only get one for tonight @9:15, but we took it because it is so good!!! Instead of going back in the park, we just took the monorail over to the Polynesian Resort. I had a plan!

I had heard that a good place to view Wishes was from the beach at the Polynesian, but we had never gotten the chance to do that until tonight. It was a gorgeous night {unlike our foggy/rainy night at Magic Kingdom on Saturday}. This certainty made up for it!!!!
Awesome! They even pipe in the music so you feel like you are right there.
What a great start to our night!

Dinner at OHana didn't disappoint. If you are dining in Disney, this restaurant should be at the top of your list!  Read this post for my review. The noodles are amazing...and the shrimp.....and the pork dumplings....and the bread......and the wings......oh....and the pineapple bread pudding with banana caramel sauce.......
Cost: $80.92 {or 2 TS Credits} + cash tip

The waitress also bought us anniversary cupcakes! Part of the entertainment is to ask if there are any birthdays or anniversaries. There were lots of birthdays, but only two anniversaries. We were called up to introduce ourselves and tell how many years we've been married. The other couple were celebrating 10 years. Guess who ended up dancing together in the middle of the restaurant? Something I thought Peter would never do. :0)

What a great day!!!! :0)

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