Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Disney Vacation 2014 {day 7- part 1}

Wednesday February 12, 2014

We had awesome weather during this trip, I think the best overall of all the trips we've taken to Florida. Actually, while we were there, Florida was pretty much the only state that wasn't getting snow! I checked in with Mom every day to see how things were at home, and it was the same every day....COLD!
We weren't in any hurry again this morning, another thing I loved about this trip, it was very laid back. Since we hadn't spent much time at Hollywood Studios yesterday, we decided to go back today.

The bus stop had been a bit crowded this week {due to the gazillion cheerleaders staying at the resort-more on this later}, but there seemed to be less people going out to the parks a little later in the morning, which worked great for us. When we got on the bus this morning, I just had to get a picture of this little guy!

OMG...Peter Pan! :0) Now he is into it isn't he! Cute!
Once we got in the park, I got in line to get fast passes. I was hoping to get one for Toy Story Mania, but no luck, they were all gone for today. Peter walked over to watch the street performers......

Where's Waldo Peter?
Lunch options, in my opinion, are limited in this park, but we chose Pizza Planet since we knew the food was good there.
We both got the personal pizza, Caesar salad, and soda. The dessert options were either a cookie or a cupcake......Peter picked a boring chocolate chip cookie, but me.......
.....I got the Holiday Cupcake: Red Velvet w/chocolate frosting and was it ever YUMMY!
Cost: $36.58  {or 2 QS Credits}.
Around the corner from Pizza Planet is cutest little holiday shop and the perfect spot to take a family Christmas card photo......except remember, my family doesn't do photo Christmas cards! :0(

Peter wanted to watch an American Idol show, but I wanted to see if I could ride Toy Story Mania. As we walked back, I got a few pictures of an almost empty "Streets of America". It is almost always less crowded over there.

Over at Pixar Studios, I ran into this guy before getting in line for the ride.

coming up......part 2

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