Sunday, November 3, 2013

weekend catch-up

I love weekends! Whether we're busy and on-the-go or it's just a laid back weekend, I look forward to spending a little extra time with the family. This has been a lazy weekend. I love lazy weekends!

- Peter was away on Friday. He took Logan to pick up his truck and spent the day with him. No cooking today- we got subs from the PTA, then I went to a friend's baby shower.
- Yesterday, I did a little laundry and a little cleaning, stopped by to see Derek who is here for a visit with Mom & Dad, and made dinner.
- Dinner was YUMMY! We had BBQ Wings, Asparagus Bundles, & Twice Baked Potatoes.
- Freezer Cooking Review: The Twice Baked Potatoes were a hit!!!! :O) I am 2 for 2 with the freezer cooking so far! I loved just pulling them out of freezer and popping them in the oven {actually, I thawed them first}. Nathan isn't a huge fan of baked potatoes, but he loves twice baked. Having them ready to go in the freezer is a big time saver. I will definitely make more of these when my stockpile starts to get low.
- One of my favorite parts of the weekend is Saturday evening after dinner, watching Gilmore Girls reruns, and napping on the sofa. :O)
- The sky was breathtaking yesterday evening and I tried getting a good picture. This was the best I could do from my kitchen window....

- an extra hour of sleep!
- a lazy Sunday of church, food, & football.......

yes, I love laid back weekends!!!

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